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Literature as a field of study

Literature as a field of study

Literature as a field of study can be defined as the expression of one’s mind or feelings. It is a term used to describe works of creative imagination. It is the communication of thoughts, ideas and feelings through the written words.

It can be described as a transaction of a personal message between an individual who is the writer and the readers.

Literature mirrors life. It teaches us more about people’s culture and tradition. We gain a lot of life experiences through literature.

Literature is enjoyable and very interesting; talking about the stories (folktales) we are being told, watching plays either on any form of media or stage and reading of exciting poems during our leisure.

Literature teaches morals that help us learn the norms and values of the society. It is educative because it helps to improve the use of English Language (i.e writing and speaking good English).

Generally, literature is very important to all because it speaks to us; it is universal and it affects our lives.

There are 3 genres of literature: DRAMA, PROSE and POETRY.

Thank You.

Oluwole A.A

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