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JSS 1 – Akinogun



SUBJECT: Physical and Health Education   

1. ( i) State the male and female specification weight in shot put

(ii) What is the landing sector arc and the putting circle diameter?

(b i) State the discuss weight specification for male and female

(ii) State the diameter of the discuss throwing circle

(c) List the techniques in Discus Throw

  1. (a) Draw and label the volleyball court

(b) Explain the following volleyball terminologies


  1. (a) Draw and label a computer mouse

(b) Explain the following mouse techniques: (i) double click (ii) drag and drop (iii) clicking

  1. (a) Define: (i) Analogue computer (ii) digital computer (iii) hybrid computer

(b) State three examples each of Analogue computers, Digital computers and hybrid computers

SUBJECT: Home Economics

  1. What is stitching?
  2. Mention four (4) types of stitches
  3. State three (3) importance of stitches on cloth

SUBJECT: Business Studies

  1. What is Ledger?
  2. List the classes of ledger
  3. Explain the meaning of source documents

SUBJECT: Basic Science   

  1. (a) What is Eclipse?

(b) Describe with the aid of diagram Eclipse of Sun and Moon

  1. (a) Mention the eight plant we have in a solar system

(b) Mention two contact force and their example

SUBJECT: Agricultural Science

  1. (a) Mention four factor of production

          (b) Explain the one that is most active of all

  1. (a) Who is farm manger?

          (b) Mention the functions of farm manger

          (c) Mention problems that farm manager encounter

SUBJECT: Social Studies

  1. State three (3) situation that may require negotiation
  2. Highlight (3) factors that can influence negotiation
  3. Explain the meaning of STIs / HIV / AIDs
  4. State the causes of STIs / HIV / AIDs

SUBJECT: English Studies

Choose the right words to complete the sentences below: On, At, Outside, Of, To, For, Like, With.

  1. He will arrive ____ half past seven
  2. They will stay _____ an hour
  3. These sandals are made ______ plastic
  4. She bought some bottles _____ coca-cola
  5. It was lying ____ the back seat of the car
  6. She hurried ____ catch the bus
  7. They travelled _____ us to Kano
  8. We want good pay _______ good work
  9. A van is _____ a small lorry
  10. We waited _____ the stadium

Write ten (10) examples for each of the following

Proper Noun                           Common Noun


  1. Write the names of any ten (10) judges in Israel with Biblical reference
  2. Mention 5 eminent leaders that fought for our independence #


  1. Daruko Isori oro oruko mefa ki o si salye okokan pelu apere
  2. Sakosile meta ninu ise ti oro oruko nje ninu gbolohun

SUBJECT: Basic Technology

  • Sketch a jack plane
  • Differentiate between rip saw and panel saw
  • What is a brace use for?


(a) Draw the coat of arm

(b) State what the following stands for in Nigeria coat of arm: (i) The Red Eagle (ii) The green and white band (iii) the Black Shield (iv) The Y-silver Band (v) The two white horses


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